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Wine & Cheese For A New Generation
Wine & Cheese For A New Generation

Wine and cheese pairing has a reputation for being stodgy, formal and overly complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you follow this guide, it can be as simple as reaching into your pantry for a few pouches of your favorite ParmCrisps® flavors, pulling some Bread & Butter wine from the rack and following the advice you’ll find on their bottle—Don’t Overthink It.

Both ParmCrisps® and Bread & Butter have crafted their reputations around making high-quality, highly flavorful products from top-notch ingredients that are simply prepared. Baked or fermented, cheese or grapes, the philosophy is the same, which is one of the reasons we pair so well with one another. But while we both prefer to keep things simple, nobody here is interested in being bland, and we know neither are you. So, the next time you’re having friends over, getting out the picnic basket for a trip to the park or just interested in enjoying some spontaneous sips and snacks, have these tips in mind:

Keep It Classic

For wines with strong characteristics of fresh fruit, like Bread & Butter Chardonnay, the savory simplicity of ParmCrisps® Original is all you need to bring out the best in both products.

Meet Depth With Depth

The layered tastes of ParmCrisps® Four Cheese play perfectly with more complicated wines, like Bread & Butter Cabernet. The rich red fruit notes mingle with parmesan, romano, asiago and provolone wonderfully, with the tanginess of the cheese balancing the dry sweetness of the wine as well.

Be Bold

When choosing an intense wine, it’s time to open up a pouch or tub that’s full of bold flavors as well. ParmCrisps® Sour Cream & Onion is an excellent choice to enjoy alongside Bread & Butter Cabernet, tempting your palate with flavors intense enough to not be overpowered by each other, but that still play nicely together.

Finally, mix it up! Consider this guide nothing more than that—a nudge down the path of new pairings you’re sure to discover as you explore both the ParmCrisps® and Bread & Butter lineups. And if you find that your favorite combination happens to be ParmCrisps® Jalapeño and Bread & Butter Rosé, all the better. Whatever you choose is sure to be Unsinfully Good.

The Perfect Partners For Your Favorite ParmCrisps<sup>®</sup>
The Perfect Partners For Your Favorite ParmCrisps®

Whether you’ve only tried ParmCrisps® Original so far or you’ve worked your way through our entire lineup of flavors, you already know that they taste great on their own. But did you know that what you put on top can make them even better? It’s true.

Made from 100% real cheese, the bold flavor and powerful crunch of ParmCrisps® can be complemented by any number of other foods, from fruits & meats to dips & spreads. Here are just a few examples of how ParmCrisps® can be paired to create appetizers, snacks or canapés that can’t be topped. (You know what we mean.)

ParmCrisps® Original

The pure cheese flavor of our very first product is ideal when served with items that have a bold taste to match. A piece of freshly steamed asparagus wrapped in (or placed atop) a salty slice of quality prosciutto makes for a savory bite of heaven. You can also keep things fresh with a spread of Ricotta, fresh peach slice and drizzle of honey.


ParmCrisps® Everything

The crisp is inspired by a classic bagel, so why shouldn’t your toppings be as well? Cold-smoked salmon is a delicious way to bring amazing depth of flavor, and when you add a dollop of crème fraiche and a sprinkle of chives you’ve got a bite sure to put everyone in a New York state of mind.


ParmCrisps® Cheddar

Cheddar adds a bit of sharpness to the parmesan taste you love, so why not contrast that with something sweet? A cool, crisp slice of apple (skin on for extra flavor) and a little drizzle of honey will bring back memories of enjoying warm apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese. (Haven’t tried that either? You’re missing out.)


ParmCrisps® Four Cheese

With parmesan, romano, asiago and provolone already along for the ride, the smart play here is to lean into all that Italian flavor. A ripe, halved cherry tomato and a single basil leaf from your herb garden are all it takes to turn your ParmCrisps® into miniature caprese salads, with a few drops of balsamic taking the taste over the top.

Pick up some ParmCrisps® Tubs and a couple of ingredients from your favorite store and invite over a few friends to give these combinations a try. In no time, you’ll be experimenting with tzatziki, spreading on the hummus and creating incredible combos of your own.

Gameday Snacks That Are Sure To Score
Gameday Snacks That Are Sure To Score

Easy to pick up, pop in your mouth and enjoy, ParmCrisps® are the perfect replacement for carb-filled chips or sugary snacks at any tailgate or game watching party. But if you really want to take your table of munchies to the next level, you’ll need to construct a roster of multi-talented tastes. The good news is, you’ve already found your franchise player—ParmCrisps®.

The first part of any successful snack game plan is to toss the tortilla chips into the stands and pick up the protein-packed power of ParmCrisps® when it’s time to dunk into your favorite dips. You can keep it conservative or get inventive and try something new, but no matter what your taste buds are cheering for, ParmCrisps® are here to do the heavy lifting of great tasting dips from your plate to your palate.

You can mix and match various ParmCrisps® flavors to find the combinations you love, like using ParmCrisps® Jalapeño to spice up some cool guacamole or doubling up on the cheese by using ParmCrisps® Original to scoop your favorite cheese dip. But since snacks, like sports, are ever-evolving, here are some new phenoms to keep in mind for your next event.

Bold Black Bean Dip

Bring the heat and the flavor with this savory, satisfying dip that pairs perfectly with ParmCrisps® Jalapeño…as long as you’re tough enough.


Craft Beer Cheese Dip

While you’re having a cold one, dip into this hot one. Made with your favorite local ale or lager, this creamy dip is amazing when eaten with ParmCrisps® Sour Cream & Onion.

Easy Eggplant Parm Dip

Get your veggies in dip form with this Italian-inspired dip. Scooped with a standard-sized ParmCrisps® Four Cheese crisp or spread atop a larger crisp from our tubs, it combines entrée-sized flavor with finger-food fun.

Draft one of these delicious dips to be on your gameday team or go ahead and choose them all. Either way, ParmCrisps® is there to help you keep all your favorite fanatics filled up with 100% cheese, protein-packed snacks that are Unsinfully Good.


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